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Splenic Angiosarcoma: Case Report

Apresentação do caso

Female patient, 35 years old, with a history of weight loss and ultrasonography with presence of splenomegaly with nodules, absence of distant lesions. She underwent splenectomy on 12/02/2020 and the histopathological diagnosis of splenic angiosarcoma was performed.


Splenic angiosarcoma is a rare malignant neoplasm originating from the splenic vascular endothelium, aggressive, with poor prognosis due to the high rate of metastases. The most common symptom is abdominal pain, and spontaneous rupture may occur in 30% of cases. Imaging exams may show splenomegaly. The definitive diagnosis is made after splenectomy, the enlarged spleen usually has a mass > 1000g, immunohistochemistry shows that the tumor cell has great affinity for at least one endothelial marker (CD31, CD34 and factor VIII). Splenectomy is the main treatment. There is no chemotherapy or adjuvant radiotherapy treatment of choice. It has a survival rate of 20% in 6 months, diagnosis prior to splenic rupture can result in a more favorable prognosis.

Comentários Finais

Although there are studies with chemotherapy and radiotherapy, there is no specific treatment for splenic angiosarcoma. Early diagnosis and surgical management are the only therapies with better long-term survival.

Palavras Chave

Splenic angiosarcoma; splenectomy; surgery; splenomegaly.


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